MUN 2019

Our second annual MUN for this year is different! AIS has partnered with India's International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN) to hold the MUN conference from 25th - 27th April, 2019 in our school premises. Participants include our precious students as well as students from other schools in Amman, India and other countries invited by IIMUN. These inquirers will first be made to Comprehend the agendas being discussed through video & face to face tutorials, then they Congregate to debate possible solutions and role play world leaders, listen to speakers, learn more about best practices of various cultures and then, regardless of the committee they participated in, they Create. Every concourse under the banner of IIMUN shall adopt one of the three goals- Combating Climate Change, Food for All, Educate All. At the culmination of every conference, students will be given an opportunity to either plant a plant/tree, feed the needy or donate books, along with parameters delineated by IIMUN. Thereby in our own infinitesimal manner trying to bring about a paradigm shift. We feel it’s time to just stop talking about change and bringing tangible change ourselves.